Must Have Programs for My Laptop

I’ll add to this list as I reload programs as I use them. This helps me anytime I set up a new computer. You are welcome to use any of these programs if they fill your needs. I advise making your own list as each of us have our own favorites.

  • Firefox is a browser just like IE or Internet Explorer which comes standard on most computers. I, like many prefer Firefox. I do have both on my computer. Some websites such as maybe your bank work only in IE. Other websites work best in Firefox. Once I download and install firefox, I add extentions. Here are some that I use most often, although there are many other cool ones out there:
  • Jing is a cool on the fly screen capture program. there is both a free and pro version. I opted for the pro package.
  • Open Office Like Microsoft’s Office Suite without a pricetag. If you are used to Microsoft’s programs and not wanting to take the time to learn something different then stay with what you are using. I use Open Office.
  • AVG Free Virus protection program. Always use some kind of protection. I find that the firewall on my router does the best job.
  • Gimp an open source graphics editor much like photoshop.
  • Filezilla Everyone who has a webhost needs an ftp tool.

I have a few more programs to upload and I’ll update this page as I do so.

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3 thoughts on “Must Have Programs for My Laptop

  1. I can’t wait for the update. ARe you going to do something about Firefox plugins?

  2. How about Pencil for Firefox? Do you have any other suggestions for wireframing?

  3. Rosie, just need more hours in a day. Why I like finding tools which save me time. Which firefox plugin would you like most to learn about?

    Ron, great meeting you. Not heard of pencil. I work only in wordpress, anything else that comes up I refer to others. I use a test wp blog to customize themes etc, but open to easier ways to do things. Wireframing, not that familiar with the term, but you may find this website to be helpful. Great timesaver for many, and Laura is a great tutor on using it.

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