Littlest Networker

Littlest Networker

You ever go to a networking event, and people just clump up and talk to their same old friends, their co-workers, etc?

Or hear someone new to a town or group complain that no one is making friends with them?

You have to turn it around, to meet new people, usually you have to play the host and introduce yourself to others, connect with them, make friends, be helpful.

I don’t know about you, but I’m more comfortable talking to those who introduce themselves to me. But does that get you in contact with those you need to move your business forward? Better to take a more active approach, something I’m still working on.

It has been a busy month, lots of good things, one of which is a son graduating from high school. All his brothers and sisters came home to be celebrate.

As we were waiting for the ceremonies to begin, my granddaughter got all excited about the steps. She loves steps. She took her mom by the hand and went up and down the steps.

The she did something different, I should have video taped it. Didn’t think about it, just enjoyed watching her. At each step, she walked over and patted the arm of the person sitting on the end of each row. When they turned to look at her, she gave a great big smile. Some she shook their hands.

Leslie held on to her Mom’s hand tightly, pulling her along.

She went down another step and did the same at each row. Toward the end her mother started to move away, but Leslie wouldn’t budge. She hadn’t said “Hi” to one person. In fact she went back up a step to greet them. A soft pat on the arm, they turn to look at her, a giant smile, then they shake her hand.

And to top it off, when she sat down with rest of the family, she patted the back of those seated in front of us, giving each another big smile.

So next time I’m at a networking event, I’ll remember little Leslie, and if a toddler can meet and greet that many strangers, we should be able to follow her example. (Of course a toddler’s smile is hard to beat.)

7 thoughts on “Littlest Networker

  1. My three year old grandson is like Leslie. Very sociable and when the older kids try and ostracize him he has no reaction just plays alone for a while. Jesus said we need to be like that little child he put in the middle of the group questioning him. We definitely can learn from their total selflessness with strangers.

  2. That’s my grandson Jarod. He is such a social butterfly–loves shaking your hand, giving a high five or just flashing a great big grin. Adults could certainly take a lesson from the young ones. They don’t get hung up on the issues that bother us–they never meet a stranger. My parents were like that and I know that’s where I got my social skills from. That’s one trait from my mother I’ll gladly admit to.

    By the way, Leslie is absolutely adorable. Who wouldn’t want to socialize with her?

  3. You are right, your little Leslie could teach us a lot about networking. Ummm, wonder what lessons she could teach us about online social networking?

  4. Who could resist that smile? Leslie knows the secret and she’s willing to share it with everybody. It isn’t until we forget what Leslie still knows that we become “self” conscience and unwilling to reach out. Lessons from Leslie – a book for you???

  5. How precious is that! I would guess that Leslie made the day of everyone she patted. She would have made mine! The best thing about her early networking experience, is that she took the initiative and her motives were pure, she wanted to help someone else.

  6. Not only is Leslie the littlest networker, she’s the most adorable! She must also have the most winning personality around and a smile that’s made to share. What a lucky grandma you are!

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