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I’d heard many good things about BNI. It just makes sense to me. A group of business professionals, each providing a different service, sending referrals to each other. Planned networking. A few years back I looked up BNI for Texarkana and there was no group in our local area. Closest group was at least 70 miles away. Not workable for me with weekly morning meetings.

Time passes and I was invited to visit a BNI group that was starting in our town. I was happy to join. Didn’t hurt that I was there as a rep for SendOutCards. BNI and SOC are Strategic Alliance Partners for good reason. Great group of people.

Throughout our day to day lives, we bump into people needing someone’s service. April 1st we had a nasty hail storm, “Know any good roofers?” Friend getting married and needing a new home? “I know a great Realtor you should talk to” Need a great lawn care service? “I know just the guy!” Allergies bothering you? Talk to my friend Jerry, he has something that has helped many others.

Sometimes have someone ask “Who do you know that would be good for … ? I don’t always have a answer I may know several people in that field, but I don’t know if they provide that particular service. But those in my BNI group, I know what them well through our weekly meetings. Meeting one-on-one I get to know them even better, what type of leads are good for them, how best to refer others to them.

Great way to start my day, I always feel better after our weekly meetings. Positive energy. Our Realtor received 2 referrals of people looking for homes. People that would not have come her way if it wasn’t for our little group. Imagine the power as our team grows.

We also give testimonials. Most of our members are also SendOutCard clients for me. Yesterday the insurance rep explained how when you try a new service, you always wonder if it will perform as well as expected. It was worth every penny he said. Very pleased with both the service the company performed, and my assistance in teaching his office staff how to use.

Visit your local BNI group, check it out, great way to develop referral partners, great network training.

5 thoughts on “Networking through BNI

  1. Thanks for this recommendation. I was recently invited to join our local group and I wasn’t sure if I had time for another networking event. Now, I think I will make the time!

  2. I enjoyed going to BNI. It is like having 25-30 sales people working for you, plus I made life-long friends and business associates. It started my Tues. morning in a beautiful and motivating way. I recommend it for all small business owners who have services or products to sell.

  3. I was a member here in Melbourne, Australia for over 5 years and founded two chapters here. I was also an Associate Director for a period of time and was delighted to have met Ivan Misner when he came to visit here about 3 years ago.

    I loved my time with BNI and learnt so much there about the importance of being able to present oneself as a business owner and how to get the message across succinctly without telling your life story and boring people.

    I still do business today with the many contacts I made during those days.

  4. Thanks for the recommendation – we have a brand new BNI chapter in my town and I was invited to attend. It’s pricey, but I’m still going to check it out.

  5. Melodieanne, I hope the ice storm hasn’t knocked your power out, stay warm. I sent you info on BNI Arkansas. Our local chapter is part of that group, we have great executive directors. You and Lisa should both take a second look.

    Thanks for sharing your stories, Pam and Kathie. Love the added perspective.

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