Picture Plus

I’m so excited about the new Picture Plus feature from SendOutCards With Send Out Cards new feature I can now upload unlimited photos to their servers. Then from any computer anywhere, I can grab a photo, turn it into a custom card instantly, and have it printed an mailed.

Our church did a float in a local Pioneer Day parade. It was hot, we passed around water bottles, fruit, etc. The kids were great. I took a few pictures. Imagine their surprise when they get a thank you card in the mail, featuring them!

Pioneer Parade

Or after an Eagle Court of Honor, a congrates card to the new Eagle and cards to the other scouts, inspiring them to do the same. Each card featuring themselves.

Future Eagle

My new grandbaby moving to Dallas, gets cuter everyday. Just turn his picture into a cards and share with far away family members.

Baby Jack and Aunt Lauren

Great for business also, imagine the front of your business on a card, better yet, honor someone else for an award they recieved. Put them recieving their reward on the front of a card. They’ll appreciate the thought and won’t be forgetting you anytime soon.

The possibilites are endless. Use your imagination.


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