Gmail Adds Tasks

I use Gmail. I think it has one of the better spam filters. Love having email from various groups filtered into their own folders. Love searching for email, because filing things neatly into folders never worked for me.

This morning will checking my mail, I found a new link just above my chat labeled tasks. I took a few seconds and added my To-Do list, I’ll check them off as I go along.

I have other things I can use, which doesn’t always get done. I’m ADD and get distracted easily. What was I going to work on next after checking mail? Easy to see, there is my To Do list sitting right on my computer, reminding me what I’m to be working on. In just a couple of minutes I set up one for my SendOutCards business and another list for other stuff. I’ll try different things for this and see what works best for me.

Here is a quick video I made to show you how gmail tasks feature works.

A Story of Ethics

Photo by David Prior

How would you handle this?

I was building a team with a previous NWM business. One of the things I did was help with out local meetings, and those in another town a couple hours away. Thank goodness for the internet and online meetings today. We did not have such tools back then and put many miles on the car. My husband would say don’t go, you are wasting your time, let someone else support those meetings. Yet I had downline there, and I could go, and I did, putting a positive tape in the car to listen on the way down.

One of my reps was a stay at home Mom with a GED education and no job experience. I learned that when I worked with her almost everyone we talked to became a customer or rep, kind of cool and I saw the real value in helping others. She was quite excited, sadly she only worked after I called, or while I was down there, but it was time well spent. I learned much. One of her reps became a leader and friend in her local area.

At one of the meetings there was a guest from an out-of-town rep. We answered her questions and she was ready to join. We told her to get back with the person who sent her. She said No, she wanted a local sponsor and asked quite firmly to join our group. It would have been real easy to do so, and quick money. But we didn’t. It would not be right. She was upset with us for not letting her join us. I explained how we would help her anyway, not good enough for her, but we could not sponsor her. Ethics. In the end, she didn’t join anyone. Other times it would have been real easy to give in to the lure of quick money and sponsor other people’s guests.

As a company grows, a person may have more than one rep contact them. It is that person’s decision who to join. I know one person in this previous company who loved that company but would not join because he felt torn too many ways. It doesn’t have to be that way.

We had a good local group, leaders cross-line of each other. One thing we had was trust. Instead of pulling prospects in different directions, we encouraged them to join who ever showed them first. Now if that first person was no longer working the business, nor following up, nor just mentioned they had a business but never invited them to look, it was fair game. We helped many locally who belonged to leaders in other organizations. One guy we spent a lot of time with after meetings, etc. Put it this way, he is excited and doing things, lets help him do the right things so our company can keep its good name. Other groups helped our reps in their town.

One person who was running newspaper ads even went so far as to pull out his list and ask “Do you know ______ ?” If we knew them it was is this someone you would want in your business? If we said No, he chunked their card. If we knew them, it was how well do you know them, if we knew them well it was you have so many days to contact them, if you don’t I will.

And life was good.

Consider what your actions do to a company, and even the reputation of Network Marketing in general.
We can help each other out and the business can thrive, or we can work out of a fear of lack, and say “they are all mine!” and it becomes a war zone.

Today we have the internet, so much information at our fingertips. Nothing wrong with picking your sponsor carefully. Consider their upline organization too. I enjoy and appreciate the support I get from Diane Walker and her SendOutCards group:

“I can do things that you cannot. You can do things that I cannot. Together we can do great things”
– Mother Teresa

“Our team works together just like this quote :-)” Diane Walker

Meetings are done more and more online through conference calls and webinars, thank goodness. It is great fun to meet face to face occasionaly. As leaders we still have a responsibility.

Open to thoughts. Where do you draw the line? If you are a leader in your business, do you help those crossline? under what conditions? do you encourage crossline prospects to join whoever introduced them to the business? or would you after a corporate sponsored meeting encourage someone else’s guest to join you instead?

Heidi Caswell

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