Take the Shot When It Presents Itself

Egret Walking by Pond

I had an enjoyable weekend, spending time with family, outside, enjoying nature and city life both. Saturday I was at a park with family, taking pictures of the Easter egg hunt. Later, while walking around, camera in hand, there was an egret. Just sitting there, basking in the late afternoon sun. So I just sat down and starting taking pictures.

Egret Preening

As I sit down, the egret decides to pose for me, and preen itself. What? Not fly away? What they usually do. But not this time.

Egret Posing

I take several shots. Great lighting, model, and backdrop all provided by nature. That egret looks pretty good once it’s fluffed out its feathers.

Fluffy Egret

You might be saying “Okay Heidi, you had fun taking those photos, showing them off. But what is the lesson here?”

  • Be prepared. If I did not have my camera with me, charged batteries, space on memory card, I could not have taking those photos. What you you and your business, projects, etc. Are you prepared for success?
  • Keep your eyes open There are opportunities all around us. Keep your eyes peeled and you will find them, some have your name on them and others are for someone else. Those your pass on to others and you’ll be amazed at how much comes back to you.
  • When the shot appears, take it!

5 thoughts on “Take the Shot When It Presents Itself

  1. Excellent! Gorgeous photos and such an important message…I now carry a notebook with me at all times, jotting down ideas (for my blog:) and making sketches…

    Good to see you, Heidi:)

  2. Thanks Susan, I like that idea of using a notebook. I’d also thought of using Jott to talk my thoughts into my cell phone and having them emailed as text, then I could take the words, edit, and post.

  3. I will look into Jott…I find that I am still most comfortable with pen and paper….but I do so enjoy this blogging!

    Would love to hear how that works out for you!

  4. Heidi,

    So very beautiful…I especially love the closeup of the Egret preening, it looks like it was late in the day when the sun is at that low point that turns everything into art.

    God bless!


  5. Beautiful pictures, just the right time of day, and the birds even posed a bit for you.

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