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Empire Avenue

Ok, I’ve been hearing rumors of this social media place where you can buy stock in people’s social media stock. Sounded interesting, but I’ve been busy, getting a new wordpress tutorial blog up and running, watering my plants in this hot Texas heat so they don’t die, eye surgery (cataracts – sure go ahead and correct my vision while you’re at it), girls out of school for the summer, chipping shredding tree which storms damaged month or so ago, etc. Finally, after an invite from @bwoodsdesign I decided to take the plunge.

Kind of reminded me of when I first dropped into twitter without the fail whales. Pulls you in, I did not mean to spend that much time over there, I was just checking it out. Other Empire Avenue members were quickly investing in my virtual stock, so I hung around a checked it out more. Having been there only a few days, I am by no means an expert the in’s and out’s of Empire Avenue.

(e)TXMOM on Empire Avenue

Don’t get overwhelmed, simply add your links to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and a short bio. You can add your rss feeds and other social media links. The more active you are on the social networks, the more your value will climb.

As others buy your stock you have more money to invest in others. If you search around on the internet, you’ll find lots of advice for using Empire Avenue.

I like to think of Empire Avenue as your social media accountability partner. It grades your activity on various networks. And the more you interact with others, the better your score. You can see where you need to spend more effort and where you are doing well.

More later. But if your aren’t already there, you can sign up with my link:

2 thoughts on “Virtual Stock Trading

  1. Glad you are on board! I’m so addicted! I am sending you a TON more shareholders to invest in you 🙂 I’ve recently been well-connected with some heavy players through a FB group called X Bar (Where Everybody Knows Your Ticker). I hope that when you joined, it was through my invite link and you got the 2000 extra EAves bucks added to your account!

    • Thanks BJ, It was through your account. And thanks for the help. I’ve had 3 people sign up after I invited them, but only 1 showed up as going through me. Weird.

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