What if I Can’t Log into WordPress?

Funny things happen, which can be quite frustrating.

  • I changed internet providers and one of the few places I’d used that email address was on my blog. (Note good to use email not tied to isp, use your domain name, google, yahoo, anything else and no issue when your change isp’s)
  • I changed the email for my blog under options
  • My password is on my laptop, it’s monitor crashed, I backed up my data anyway, mailed back for warranty work.
  • Could not remember login, so hit link get new password
  • Link sent to new email, but doesn’t work. Invalid key
  • Searched wordpress.org and found link to reset password. 🙂
  • Followed through phpAdmin directions
  • Success!

2 thoughts on “What if I Can’t Log into WordPress?

  1. I just started a wordpress blog. I’m still learning all of the features but I love the fact that I don’t have to keep going to feedburner or technorati to notify readers of a blog post. If I didn’t have to deal with the technical aspects of blogging, I’d be a PRO for sure! 🙂

    But, thankfully, I have someone like you to offer your knowledge and help—which I always appreciate.

  2. What I great about wordpress is that someone can set up all the technical aspects for you, and you are free to run.

    No need to talk to your webperson each time you want to add content.

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