Yikes! My site has been hacked!

No one wants to wake up in the morning (afternoon, evening or even middle of the night) and find your website now says “Hacked by . . .” or that their sites fail altogether. Worse yet your site may be hacked and you not even know it. There may be hidden links, not visible to you, but they are visible to the search engines. You wonder why google no longer likes your website? All kinds of sneaky tricks.

Tomorrow, Nov. 11 join us on this free conference call to learn what you can do to protect your websites.

Join us this Wednesday at 11 AM EST. for WordPress Security: Covering Your

Join Heidi Caswell of Connect Simply www.ConnectSimply.com and Heidi Richards
Mooney of Women in Ecommerce as they chat about what to do when your WordPress
sites get hacked. They will discuss the importance of upgrading, added security
and more!

To join us for this Complimentary Teleconference call (641) 715-3840
At the prompt enter Participant Access Code: 361467#

See you there!

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One thought on “Yikes! My site has been hacked!

  1. GREAT Interview today! Thanks so much for sharing your wealth of information…

    Happy Wednesday,


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