You’ve got Snail Mail!

I’m not talking about the half a dozen credit card offers, ads from the local car dealership, the fund raising organizations clammering for my attention. We know where those end up. Yet a postcard sent out from a friend, or a greeting card with a few encouraging words will always bring a smile to my face. Just the other day I got a beautiful card from Sheila Finklestein along with her Bananna Sky dvd. Yes I was smiling.

Now from time to time I get e-cards in my inbox, most simply go to my spam box and if I don’t look, I never knew what was sent. One reason for this is all the email viruses going around.

Now when you get a cool card in the mail, especially if it has a photo, it becomes a keeper. A real card is something that can be touched, a visual reminder that someone cares.

My son-in-law loves snakes and has a pet boa constrictor, he also loves sushi. I took a few pictures of it the last time we visited. One came out especially good, you can even see the detail in the snake’s eye. So I used SendOutCards Picture Plus, and turned the whole thing into a card. He loved it! Took it to work, showed it to everyone, pinned it up on his wall.

If you’d like to check out picture plus I’ll set you up a free trial, send out a card, make someone’s day, and they will smile when they go out to their mailbox and find they’ve got the best snail mail around.

Have some fun with this,


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